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Astro Horn Antenna 1-18GHz (AHA118S) - Single Polarized 

The AHA118S by AstroAntenna® is an industrial/military strength directional antenna and can be used as a reference test antenna in the laboratory. The antenna is highly suited for wideband communication and can be ideally used in multiple applications like mobile communication, countermeasures, monitoring, jamming and military applications. The AHA118S is made with military-grade aluminium to withstand even the harshest of environments.


The AHA118S is providing maximum propagation directionally on all frequencies between 1GHz and 18GHz in either Vertical or Horizontal linear polarization.

The broadband horn antenna AHA118S offers a low VSWR in its nominal frequency range and a very broad bandwidth. The gain increases with frequency up to approx. 17 dBi, The increasing gain with frequency helps to compensate for cable losses. The AHA118S horn is suitable for both transmission and receiving applications. The maximum handling power is only limited by the female N-connector. The detailed manual of the calibrated test antennas includes Gain, Antenna Factor, VSWR and Directional Patterns. 


The back structure mounting section allows easy adjustment for vertical, horizontal and 45 deg polarizations.


The AHA118S is made in the United Kingdom with domestic and imported components and includes a one-year warranty period—patent pending.


Main Features:


  •       Frequency Range:                                1 GHz to 18 GHz

  •       Typical gain:                                          12 dBi - Typ.

  •       VSWR:                                                    < 1.9 ( 1.5:1 in Average)

  •       Polarization:                                          Single  Linear

  •       Maximum Power Handling:                 CW 500W, Pulse 700W

  •       Feed-point Impedance:                        50 Ohms

  •        Cross Pol. Isolation                              30 dB Typ.

  •       Connector:                                              N-Type female

  •       Size (L x H x W in cm):                          approx. 160x 200 x 240

  •       Weight:                                                  approx. 2 kg

  •       Construction:                                        Aluminium 

Wideband 1 to 18GHz horn





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